Medi-Call Italia offers a highly effective service for residents and tourists in Italian cities, allowing them to be visited by a general practitioner in a very short time and take advantage of all the other participating specialist services.

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To book a doctor’s visit, call the switchboard.
Our Operations Center is active 24 hours a day, every day, even on holidays: our staff is always ready and contact the doctor on call closest to or best suited to the patient’s needs, throughout Italy: call us and check the coverage area of ​​our service.

The Call center speaks Italian, English, Spanish and Russian and is able to connect a Japanese, Chinese, German or French interpreter in conference at any time.

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If you need to consult a specialist, our operators will be happy to arrange an appointment immediately with the most available and closest professional. In this way, you can consult a specialist from our network at your home or doctor’s office within much shorter times than you would normally expect.


For pathologies that affect children, you can request the consultation of one of our paediatricians at home or in the office, saving valuable time and booking in comfort.


Only a specialist can evaluate the symptoms of cardiac pathology, indicating which examinations to carry out (for example, an electrocardiogram) and which therapies to follow.


Our best specialists for the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies inherent to the female genital system. Discover which check-ups you can book.


For musculoskeletal system pathologies, trust an expert who can advise you on the most effective therapy and intervene in a targeted manner on disorders of the musculoskeletal system.


The otolaryngological examination is the specialist examination which aims to identify any pathologies affecting the ears, nose and throat and other structures belonging to the head and neck area.


Dentistry deals with the prevention, diagnosis and medical and surgical therapy of pathologies affecting teeth, gums, jawbones, etc.


For the targeted treatment of problems related to the skin and skin appendages (hair, nails, hair), but also for the prevention and treatment of melanoma and other skin cancers, contact our dermatologists.


An otolaryngologist check-up is a specialist examination that aims to identify any pathologies affecting the ears, nose and throat and other structures in the head-neck area.


Contact us to counteract the disabling consequences of pathologies that arise specifically in the elderly and at the same time maintain self-sufficiency and the best possible quality of life.

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Dott. ​Oliviero Armeni

Medi-Call Italia is directed by a doctor, our added value!

Nobody better than a doctor has the skills and ability to solve a patient’s problems by listening to them. Our Health Director follows the Operations center closely, which collects the requests for intervention.


Active 24/7

Our Operations center is active 24 hours a day, every day, even on holidays: our staff is always ready and contact the closest available doctor or the most suitable one for the patient’s needs, throughout Italy. Our Call center speaks Italian, English and Russian and can connect a Japanese, Chinese, German or French interpreter at any time in tele/video conference.


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